Rachel Never Sleeps

I just stared at Rex, who was getting madder and madder, or something-er and something-er. He was growling and spit was rolling down and his eyes were almost all white.

He leaped at me, snarling. It sounded like something primal, the kind of sound that animals make to strike fear into your heart. How can animals do that? Is it a defense mechanism they came up with when humans started walking and using tools and guns? Did they need something to fight back with, so they came up with sounds that you don't hear so much as you feel them at the base of your neck? It was that kind of snarl.

I'm lucky, I guess, that he went for my left hand and not for my throat. I dodged right. I dove to my right, which was dumb I think because Doc darted forward and grabbed onto Rex's head, pulling him off course enough that he missed my hand and probably would have missed my hand, plus Doc was covering his eyes and trying to slap some tentacles around Rex's mouth to close it.

But I, meanwhile, in diving, had gone headfirst into the undercarriage of the dirigible that Brigitte had picked out. I dropped like a sack of potatoes, my head spinning and seeing stars. I fell flat on my back and heard a ringing in my ears. I looked up as my vision got blurry. I saw Brigitte's legs, all the way up, as she stood over me and began bending down. I saw her thong underwear. I heard her say, all blurry and woozy and far away:


But I passed out.

And I woke up immediately. The world around me was red and black and blue and pus-colored and HOT. Very hot. The ground was hurting my back. I sat up quick and then stood up because it was hot on my legs and butt plus the ground was all covered with super-sharp gravelly pebbles. I looked around and realized that I had blacked out or dropped unconscious.

All around me was Hell. I probably should have mentioned that I don't sleep, ever. When my body in the 'real' world goes to sleep, I wake up in Hell.

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