THIS IS TECHNICALLY BOOK TWO of the hit series Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!

Book One, parts of which are still up on this blog if you hunt around, is being prepped for publication and will be available as an ebook and hard copy soon.

In the meantime, as a recap:  Rachel woke up one day wondering who or what she was; she wandered out of the diner where she was a waitress, and on the advice of her Octopus walked south.  There, she met Brigitte and realized that she was a "Lesbian Zombie," a construct made by a man working for a shadowy organization that is holding God hostage in Tampa as part of a plan to rule the 73 dimensions.  With the help of revenants, a fuzzy bird, her clones, and her own daughter, Rachel worked her way through Valhalla, the Bubble world, and several other dimensions before being kidnapped by Bubble.

Now, Book Two is being told by "The Me," a clone of Rachel made by the Valkyries, who with the help of Target A -- the man who made Rachel and all the lesbian zombies -- has to find Rachel and bring her back before all the dimensions collapse.

Exciting!  You bet!

Part 22:  The Me Starts Telling The Story:

22D: You know what this story needs? ANOTHER RACHEL.

22E:  Worlds Collide!

22F: Some backstory on Limbo.

22G: The Me has some company in Limbo.

22H: The Chase, in Limbo.

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