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Praise For The Books I Write:

Reviewer BJ Fraser writes: Don't confuse this "Eclipse" with that other one. There are no vampires or werewolves in this. Instead, this Eclipse is a psychological sci-fi mystery in the tradition of the old Twilight Zone, 2001, or Solaris.

It's hard to describe the plot, because it's such a mystery that you never know if what's happening is real or if it's imagined. All we know is that it involves a man named Claudius. Did he go into space? Did he pilot a ship too close to the sun and have to bail out? Or is he lying in a prison, imagining everything?

Even at the end it's hard to be sure and that's what keeps you guessing and will have you looking at it more than once.

And Lisa Pepin writes:

Eclipse was truly wonderful as well. You really know how to build up the suspense, I must say. And the passages describing Claudius's abuse at the hands of his father were so vividly terrifying, I found myself re-reading them before moving on, to experience the sense of horror again. How on earth did you come up with the idea for this story? I'm jealous now, that I'll never be that creative. So, was it all a dream? Did he really go into space? Did he really murder his crew and then get rescued? Or was he the rescuer? Or the doctor? ....

In brief, though, BRAVO!!! I'm very impressed.

About Thinking The Lions, and 117* Other Ways To Look At Life (*Give Or Take), Lisa Pepin writes:

 Wise and witty, a greatly entertaining read. Eat your heart out, David Sedaris!

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Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!:  "well written, is definitely pulpish, and oh, yeah, there's erotica. Readers are also treated to a photo of two women kissing in each post, if that's a draw. ; )  If you like this kind of fiction, you'll like this blog."  The Kindle Blog Report.

I'm Priceless!

Dorothy H., on Gather, said:

Oh, how I love your stories, your thought processes, and your writing style! I never regret delving into your long articles, which (long articles) can be daunting, tedious, boring, and or fruitless, thus making me fidgety, but your long articles are, "PRICELESS"!
I know I feel better about the future having come across your thoughts, in your writings. I feel better about the world, it's future just knowing that,...somewhere, out there, you, and others like you, are thinking those thoughts, writing them down and leaving them around for others to discover.

Yup. I think Disney needs you.

I'm a funny guy!:

Over on Twitter, Emmy-winning writer Martin Pasko has compared me to Stephen Colbert, Zach What's-his-name-anakis, Rob Corrdry, and others: