Part Two: In Hell

Lesbian Zombies Are Taking Over The World!

Rachel The Lesbian Zombie suddenly realized one day that she didn't know how she got to her job as a waitress in New York City, how she got home, or indeed, what she was or where she was in the world -- and her body was not her own.

In Part One, At the Church of Our Savior of Living People Only, Rachel, with the help of her Octopus, she set off walking and met Brigitte, her lover. Just before Brigitte and Rachel could escape from the revenants in their dirigible, Rachel was knocked unconscious.

In Part Two, she wakes up In Hell.

Part Two:

1. Rachel's First Memory of Hell.

2. Meet Ivanka
3. Getting Out of Hell
4. The Waterspout Appears
5. Count Your Blessings

6. Meanwhile, Back In New York.

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