Part 13I: Falling For The Me...

What are we going to do now? The Me asked, in my mind.

“Let me think,” I said. But I couldn’t. We remained spreadeagled, the Me clinging to my front. I had my arms spread out and continued to kick my legs and wave my arms to keep us moving forward as we moved down. The wind absolutely howled past my ears. I shouted:

“Can you see any of them?”

In my mind: What?

I tried thinking it: Can you see them, anywhere? Anything? The Me poked her head up over my shoulder. Her hair (my hair!) whipped into my face as she did that. I kept paddling.

No, came back. The image: empty sky, blue and cold and devoid of sexy Valkyries coming to help us. No weird Fuzzy Bird squawing and flapping.

Geez geez geez the Me thought, then, or maybe it was my own thought. The tree branches were closer than ever, only a foot or two below us and I felt leaves, leaves that were as big as my stomach, brushing past us. Whisk whisk whisk whisk and then flutter flutter than flapping slapping leaves like the sound of tiny hands clapping as we soared through them, one after the other plapplap plapplap plapplap plapplap plapplap plapplap plapplap and then we were in the tree tops. A twig or branch or something caught my foot and stopped our forward momentum entirely and we swung forward.

Help the Me thought and clung to me even tighter. I wrapped my arms around her as we dropped like a stone through ever-thicker branches, snapping and popping at us. Then I had a thought:

Hang on tight I told her in our minds, and let go. She clutched to me and let out a little squeak. My leg hurt where it had hit a branch but I didn’t think about that. Instead, as we fell into the space between the leaves, the emptiness inside the tree, I reached out and tried to grab at leaves and sticks, tried to grab something to stop us, to slow us down.

Those trees were big! Once we were through the canopy at the top, which happened pretty fast, there was a lot of space between the branches. We were dropping and tumbling and I tried to reach out, tried to grab anything, but nothing was near enough. I got a handful of giant leaf, but it just tore and we spun in the opposite direction, causing me to look up at the treetop we’d just come through. Dammit I thought. I tried to look over my shoulder. I must have told the Me something in our minds because suddenly she squealed, a little, and I got a picture in my mind: A giant branch, right below us.

We hit it, square on my back. “Oooof” I gasped as the wind got knocked out of me. We bounced off the branch and tumbled to my left, still wrapped together, and falling on an angle now. I struggled to catch my breath and thought of something: Naked girl jumped out that window. In my mind, I saw it again, her falling down, hitting the ground, and getting up.

Could I do that?

Don’t try it, the Me told me.

I don’t think we’ve got a choice, I said back. I hoped I could protect my head. We were falling, still, rolling over and over and there were more branches coming up. I caught my breath and tried to reach out as we got near another one. I hit it with my hand; it was smooth and tough to grip and polished-feeling and I couldn’t get a hold of it. We spun off and twisted in the air, faster now, rolling over and over as we fell another couple hundred feet.

Another branch, another grab… almost I thought and we swung a little, pausing, almost, but then falling again and I thought I can do this.

You can came the thought back. The Me was looking, too, and we fell a little slower. We hit another branch with our sides, and she cringed but didn’t say anything. I tried to grab it with both hands but couldn’t. We fell to another one, my leg catching it and swinging us upside down before we started falling again, headfirst. I kicked my legs and we spun around again and brushed another branch, wildly flailing now, and I couldn’t see anything clearly.

Then, empty air. We were below the level of the branches and I was facing down, the Me below me. We fell and turned. Watch it, I said, and that was all I had time to do as we twisted a final little bit so that I was on the bottom and she was on top.

We hit hard. I saw the ground coming, saw the twisting, felt the impact, then:


I was alone.

My head was clear. I stood alone, in an empty space.

Black and kind of chilly and weird. I was definitely standing. I was definitely upright. I was definitely okay. But I was alone.

What is this? I thought. I looked around. Nothing, as far as I could see. Just black and kind of chilly and weird, like I said. It was like the whole universe was made of velvet sheets that I could see through and kind of feel but they were there anyway.

I took a step.

Then I opened my eyes and the Me was looking at me.

You saved me, she told me in my mind. I saw again our flipping final turn to have me land on the ground and not her. She was breathing heavy and had some scratches but for all that wasn’t any worse for the wear.

Where am I? I thought, still with the black-space in my mind, but before I could get an answer the Me pressed her lips down onto mine and began kissing me, as hard as she could.

You saved me. You saved my life. I love you, she kept thinking in my mind, and I felt her—my—lips pressed firmly against my – her – lips. They, our, lips, were smooth and soft and plump. I’d chewed on my own lip before but I’d never known what it would be like to kiss myself.

The Me’s lips pushed into mine, hard and ferocious. I’m a tough kisser, maybe. She pressed them into mine and I felt hot breath whispering out between them and into mine. Then she began to move them, slightly, moving the kiss over my mouth, up, a little. Then down, a little. Then to the right and the left. It was as though she was talking to me in a language only lovers could use, a lip-to-lip language made up of caresses and rubbing. Her breath got hotter and thicker and pushed into my mouth, my breath escaping and me living on hers, sweet and tough. As my lips opened more to let her breath into my mouth, she followed them with her own, so that our lips perfectly pantomimed each other.

At the same time as she was doing that, images were flashing through my mind, in no particular order: us falling, the trees, my arrival at Valhalla, her getting up and getting dressed that morning, us falling again, her putting on lipstick, a slowly-panning view of my legs up to my hips and past my torn, burnt clothing to rest on my breasts and see my nipples poking out, just slightly, my eyes, her eyes, our eyes close together—

… I opened my eyes then and saw her looking them…

And amidst those images even more: colors flickered by, and flowers, and bedsheets and musical notes drawn by hand and starry skies and a river and then a skyline and then more colors, all interspersed with her images of me and her images of herself and my images of her and my images of myself. And, then, in with those, began appearing more thoughts and words: us naked, standing in front of each other. Kiss you flickered through my mind. Us hugging, holding hands, rolling around make love to you I felt her say. Or I said it.

The kiss was still going on and I almost had lost track of it. This kiss and the thoughts in my head were like seeing a flat-paper drawing suddenly spring up into three or more dimensions and begin talking. It wasn’t just seeing things differently; it was a whole new thing, alive and suddenly doing things.

Her tongue was pressed against mine. She put it into my mouth, lightly, and touched it to the tip of my tongue, held it there, like she was trying to see if they would conduct electricity. Then her tongue began swirling and spiraling around mine and at the same time I saw us, in my mind, lying there on the floor of the forest, amidst leaves and brush, clothes in disarray, hair messy, two identically beautiful copies kissing each other for all they were worth.

Kiss me back love me hold me kiss me fuck me came a thought and then I did, I kissed her back as hard as I could. I flung my arms around the Me and pulled her to me and tilted my head and wrapped my mouth onto hers. Our tongues met in the middle and I rubbed my tongue against hers and then around her teeth and gums and then pulled it back to flick it against her lips before pushing it back into her mouth. I rolled her over and sat up, arms on either side of her as she gasped for air.

In that pause, while our bodies were touching only where I sat on her waist, my mind exploded with images and words and colors: yellow touch me a giant star exploding fuck me us kissing her brushing her hair please make love to me

I joined her in our minds, thinking how surprised I was and how beautiful she had been when I saw her, and my subconscious threw in thoughts of her pressing her body up against mine and I bent down again and pulled her shirt up, touching my mouth to her breasts lightly, pulling her nipples in between my lips and sucking on them, gently at first and then harshly, tugging at them with each inhale, while my hands ran down her sides. I crouched up over her and pulled her skirt down and ran my hands back up over her flat, beautiful stomach while she watched me and bit her lip, then closed her eyes.

In my mind I felt Oh god that feels good and there were red flowers and the moon coming up over the horizon joined by another moon shortly after it and a mountain top filled with snow and rainy days and music flooded in, something I’d heard before.

I bent down and kissed her on the stomach, on the waist… and looked up at her.

Are you ready for this? I thought at her.

She looked up at me.

Ready… she thought, and everything paused and then I leaned down and touched my tongue to her and began to lick and our minds exploded and for just an instant, I was in the black-space again…

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