This is 100% true about office workers, unless my boss is reading this in which case it's all a joke.

The office is about to become obsolete. Not the show -- that'll probably stick around a few more years-- the actual physical place that you go to every day to "work" is not going to be necessary anymore.

Let's face it: here's what we all do in the office all day, based on my careful scientific observations of me: we drink coffee, we blog, and we talk about sports, and we read sports news, and we play fantasy leagues and bet in office pools. Then we talk about all those things.

Coffee, though, is available anywhere -- I'm drinking some right now, and I'm at HOME, if you can believe that. That leaves the office as primarily a place to talk about, read about, bet on and engage in fantasy versions of sports.

Except that now even that isn't necessary: now exists. is a social network for sports lovers. Join up and instantly begin talking about, blogging about, seeing videos and pictures of, and betting on sporting events and issues -- and you can even create your own bets and your own content. You can blog, share videos, discuss things that you care about.

Sportsviews is 100% free and 100% full of sports lovers like you.

Check out Sportsviews today; you'll probably spend a lot of time being entertained, informed, and enraged by their sports blogs -- but if that's the case, start your own to argue back. Or get in on the action with the free sports bets they've got.

Not the betting kind? I'm sure then that you're the kind that wants to see football videos, and they've got them there.

sportsviews is the site for sports lovers -- like you. So say so long to your office and hello to Sportsviews! And if you see, or are, my boss, then... don't check my Internet history, boss, and I'll see you on Monday. Right? I'll still be allowed in on Monday? Because I'm low on coffee here at home.


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